Sadly, this church is now closed for worship. From Easter Sunday please join us at North and South Leith Parish Church in the Kirkgate for Sunday worship at 11am
Online Worship worship

6th March 2022

Minister: Rev. Iain May
Organist: Iain Mackinnon

Theme:  ‘Temptation’

Temptation by Abraham Hunter

Welcome and Intimations

Call to Worship

Hymn 337 Forty days and forty nights

1 Forty days and forty nights
thou wast fasting in the wild;
forty days and forty nights
tempted, and yet undefiled.

2 Sunbeams scorching day by day;
chilly dewdrops nightly shed;
prowling beasts about thy way;
stones thy pillow; earth thy bed.

3 Shall not we thy sorrows share,
learn thy discipline of will,
and, like thee, by fast and prayer
wrestle with the powers of ill?

4 And if Satan, vexing sore,
flesh and spirit should assail,
thou, his vanquisher before,
wilt not suffer us to fail.

5 Watching, praying, struggling thus,
victory ours at last shall be;
angels minister to us
as they ministered to thee.

Prayer of Approach, ending with Lord’s Prayer

First Thought

Hymn 191 Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you

Do not be afraid,
for I have redeemed you. 
I have called you by your name; 
you are mine. 

1 When you walk through the waters I’ll be with you, 
you will never sink beneath the waves. 

2 When the fire is burning all around you, 
you will never be consumed by the flames. 

3 When the fear of loneliness is looming,
then remember I am at your side.

4 When you dwell in the exile of the stranger,
remember you are precious in my eyes. 

5 You are mine. O my child; I am your Father, and I love you with a perfect love. 

Scripture Readings: Psalm 91: 1-2 & 9-16 and Luke 4: 1-13 Tim Bell


Hymn 443 He is Lord

1 He is Lord, he is Lord;
he is risen from the dead, and he is Lord;
every knee shall bow, every tongue confess
that Jesus Christ is Lord.

2 He is love, he is love;
he has shown us by his cross that he is love;
all his people sing with one voice of joy
that Jesus Christ is love.

3 He is Life, he is Life,
he has died to set us free and he is life;
and he calls us all to live evermore
for Jesus Christ is life.

4 He is King, he is King;
he will draw all nations to him, he is King;
and the time shall be when the world shall sing
that Jesus Christ is King.

Doxology spoken together

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
praise him, all creatures here below;
praise him above, ye heavenly host;
praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Prayer of Dedication for the Offering

Prayers for the World

Hymn 352 O for a thousand tongues, to sing

1 O, for a thousand tongues to sing
my great Redeemer’s praise,
the glories of my God and King,
the triumphs of his grace!

2 Jesus! the name that charms our fears,
that bids our sorrows cease;
’tis music in the sinner’s ears,
’tis life, and health, and peace.

3 He breaks the power of cancelled sin,
he sets the prisoner free;
his blood can make the foulest clean,
his blood availed for me.

4 He speaks, and, listening to his voice,
new life the dead receive,
the mournful broken hearts rejoice,
the humble poor believe.

5 Hear him, ye deaf; his praise, ye dumb,
your loosened tongues employ;
ye blind, behold your saviour come;
and leap, ye lame, for joy!

6 My gracious Master and my God,
assist me to proclaim,
to spread through all the earth abroad
the honours of thy name.


Threefold Amen

Closing Voluntary – March from Egmont Op84   Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827)


Sunday services: We welcome back Rev Iain May, Minister at South Leith Church, to lead our service today.
Next Sunday, 13 March, we will welcome John Hodge, Session Clerk at Newhaven, to lead our worship.

Lenten Bible Study: This year again Rob Mackenzie from Leith St Andrews will be leading a course based round a film, this time Mary Poppins Returns, starting this coming Monday, 7 March. All welcome; send a messageto Anne to get more details andthe Zoom Link.

Kirk Session meeting: The Session will meet on Wednesday 9 March, 19:30 (by Zoom).

Leith Churches Together Lunchtime Worship: Thursday 10 March at 1pm at Ebenezer UF Church in Bangor Road. All welcome. Remember to bring your own lunch food.

Thursday Afternoon Meeting
In 2017 our Thursday Fellowship joined with the above meeting at South Leith because numbers at both meetings were small.   A few of our members were attending up until the start of the Covid pandemic.
This meeting has restarted and is now meeting fortnightly although there is a small number attending.   At present there is no syllabus arranged but sometimes there will be a speaker.
Meetings are held on Thursdays at 2.00 pm in South Leith Halls, Henderson Street.   The next meeting will be on 10th March.   If you are free and able please come along.

Daily Prayer group: If you would like to join a local churches WhatsApp mobile phone group, organised by Rev John Tait, to receive a short daily prayer, please speak to Annie or Anne.

Monthly Prayer Diary: If you would like to receive a monthly prayer list, compiled by Newhaven Church, with contributions from others, please speak to Annie or Anne.

Weekly Bible Study: If you might be interested in joining a Bible Study meeting organised by Newhaven and held on Wednesday evenings by Zoom please speak to Anne or Jimmy.

Weekend Away: Newhaven church is holding a residential weekend away at Castle Douglas on 14 – 16 September. Members of North & South Leith are invited to join them. Projected numbers are needed by mid March. To find out more about this please speak to Anne.

Helping Ukraine – Message from the Presbytery Moderator
All of us will have been appalled by the events continuing to unfold in Ukraine over these last days. The scale of suffering and fear is immense. Many of you may well have made your own arrangements to make a donation.
The Church of Scotland, through its partners in Eastern Europe, is well-placed to bring help to those displaced by the conflict in several countries. Through Presbytery special funds, donations have been made to this official Church of Scotland appeal, and also to the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, in solidarity with St Andrew Ukranian Catholic Church in Leith, and its priest the Rev Fr Vasyl Kren. 
We continue to urge your prayers for all caught up in this war, on every side, and for those who are seeking to bring aid, and to bring peace. 
Blessings and peace,
Revd Julia Wiley, Moderator

We will have a retiring offering this Sunday and next Sunday for those who would like to contribute to this Church of Scotland Appeal to help the people of Ukraine.

A field of sunflowers in Ukraine
in 2019. (Evgeniy Maloletka/Bloomberg News)

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