Sadly, this church is now closed for worship. From Easter Sunday please join us at North and South Leith Parish Church in the Kirkgate for Sunday worship at 11am
Online Worship worship

7th November 2021

Leader: Brian Drummond
Organist: Eric Turnbull

Welcome and Intimations

Call to Worship
(based on Deuteronomy 32: 2-4)
Lord God, may your teaching fall like rain.

Call to Worship (based on Deuteronomy 32: 2-4)
Lord God, may your teaching fall like rain.
May your words descend like dew,
like showers on new grass
like abundant rain on tender plants.
We proclaim your name, O Lord.
We praise your greatness, O God.
You are the Rock: your works are perfect
and all your ways are just.
You are a faithful God who does no wrong.
You are upright and just.

Hymn 21 Lord, teach me all your ways (Garelochside)

1 Lord teach me all your ways,
reveal your paths to me;
and lead me in your saving truth,
show me what I should be.

2 Remember, Lord, your love,
your care from ages past;
and in that love remember me,
in kindness hold me fast.

3 Forget my youthful faults,
forgive my sinful ways;
within the kindness of your love
remember me always.

4 God, who is just and good,
shows all who sin his way;
he leads the humble in right paths,
their teacher day by day.

5 All pathways of the Lord
are kindly, true, and sure
to those who keep his covenant
and in his ways endure.

Prayer of Approach ending with Lord’s Prayer

First Thought –
How would you complete these sentences?             

 Reading the Bible is like …
All God’s ways are just, so in this world we should …

Hymn 190 Supreme in wisdom as in power

2 Supreme in wisdom as in power
the Rock of Ages stands;
though him thou canst not see, nor trace
the working of his hands.

3 He gives the conquest to the weak,
supports the fainting hearts;
and courage in the evil hour
his heavenly aid imparts.

4 Mere human power shall fast decay,
and youthful vigour cease;
but they who wait upon the Lord
in strength shall still increase.

5 They with unwearied feet shall tread
the path of life divine;
with growing ardour onward move,
with growing brightness shine.

6 On eagles’ wings they mount, they soar
their wings are faith and love,
till, past the cloudy regions here,
they rise to heaven above.

Scriptures:  1 Kings 16: 30, 32-33 & 17: 1-16 and Mark 12: 35-44 Stewart Lowe

“Why …?”
Looking hard at the Bible and at the world

Hymn 537 We do not hope to ease our minds

1 We do not hope to ease our minds
 by simple answers, shifted blame,
 while Christ is homeless, hungry, poor,
 and we are rich who bear his name.
As long as justice is a dream
and human dignity denied,
we stand with Christ; disturb us still
till every need is satisfied.

2 We cannot ask to live at peace
in comfort and security
while Christ is tried in Pilate’s hall
and drags his cross to Calvary.
As long as hatred stifles truth
and freedom is betrayed by fear,
we stand with Christ; give us no peace
till his peace reigns in triumph here.

3 We will not pray to be preserved
from any depths of agony
while Christ’s despairing cry rings out:
God, why have you abandoned me?
As long as we have hope to share
of life renewed beyond the pain,
we stand with Christ all through the night
till Easter morning dawns again.

Doxology –spoken together
(based on Jude v 24-25)

To the Spirit who can keep us from falling
and bring us with joy to the Father,
to the only God, our Saviour,
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
be all glory and power for ever.  Amen.

Prayer of Dedication for the Offering

Prayers for the World

Hymn 453 Christ, of God unseen the image (Abbot’s Leigh)
1 Christ, of God unseen the image,
born before creation’s birth;
through whom all things were created,
all that live in heaven and earth-
realms and rulers, thrones, dominions,
powers great and forces small
through and for him made and fashioned –
he is in and over all.

2 Christ the firstborn of creation,
Christ in whom all things cohere,
all things’ Maker, seen and unseen,
low and lofty, far and near.
Christ the head of his dear body,
of his Church the living core,
risen from the dead before us –
him we gladly now adore.

3 Christ in whom the very fullness
of the living God is found,
Christ who reconciles creation
turning earth to holy ground,
Christ the home of God’s good pleasure
through whose blood is made our peace,
in whose cross, beyond all measure
is our freedom and release.

Threefold Amen

Closing Voluntary – Sigfried Karl Elert,  Now thank we all our God


Sunday Services – We are pleased to welcome Brian Drummond, Reader in Training at South Leith, to lead our service this morning.
We also extend a warm welcome to Eric Turnbull at the organ.
Next Sunday, 14 November, Remembrance Sunday, Rev John Tait will lead our worship and the service will start at 10:50.

On Sunday 21 November there will be the annual Seafarers’ service at South Leith (no service at North Leith that day)

The Food Bank is running low on carrier bags; anyone who has an excess could they please donate to the Food Bank.

Kirk Session meeting – The Kirk Session meets on Wednesday 10 November. If you would like to propose a ‘home’ charity for this year’s Christmas Appeal please let the Session Clerk know, providing some details about your proposal by Tuesday 9 November at latest.

Leith Churches Together – Lunch Time Service – LCT is re-starting the monthly ecumenical lunch-time services this Thursday, 11th November, at 1pm in Duke Street URC.   Those attending are asked to bring their own lunch.   All welcome.

Seafarers’ Christmas Gift Bags – We are, as usual, collecting during November donations of money or sweets (wrapped chocolates, shortbread, fudge/ tablet, mixed sweets, and mixed nuts) for the Seafarers’ Christmas bags.
The gifts mean so much to a seafarer 1000’s of miles away from family and friends; many will have been on board for 10 months to more than a year. 

New Scots Christmas Hampers – If you might be able to deliver Christmas hampers to local refugees / asylum seekers at the end of this month please speak to Margot Hudson as soon as possible.

Fresh Start Festive Hampers – Fresh Start is collecting food for Festive Hampers and asking that donations are delivered to the warehouse by Thursday 2nd December. Please see Ellen Lowe if you are interested in helping and for a list of the type of donations welcomed.

Prayer for this Sunday evening – Visit the Church of Scotland website to see and hear the prayer
Pandemic prayers continue across the Church of Scotland | The Church of Scotland

“The One who sees beyond the outward appearance and looks on the heart is the One who knows the needs of all peoples and of all Creation. We turn to the One who gives life to all…”

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