About Us

One Church For Leith

‘One Church for Leith’ (also referred to as ‘Leith Churches Forum’, or ‘LCF’) is the name for the Church of Scotland congregations in Leith acting together to further their vision of the Kingdom of God in this time and place.  The names and number of these congregations are determined by the Presbytery of Edinburgh.

Currently there are four churches, North Leith, South Leith, Leith St Andrew’s and Pilrig St Paul’s.


We believe that the Kingdom of God is signified in community, and that this needs a spiritual heart. The Church of Scotland congregations of Leith have a responsibility to foster, support, and share a vision with the communities of Leith.  This vision includes values such as:

  • good relations with all
  • openness to all 
  • a sense of belonging
  • compassion and concern for others
  • standing up against injustice

We believe this can only be accomplished by working together.  We believe these are God’s values and vision too.